About me

I’m a data visualization designer today, but I don’t come to this world from an arts background. As an undergraduate I studied neurobiology (and philosophy of science), and then went on to NYU’s SHERP, where I got my master’s degree in science, health, and environmental reporting. It was there that I ended up interning at Popular Science, a magazine I had grown up reading, and where today I’m an assistant editor. On top of producing graphics for stories I and my fellow editors write for the website, I also help run the print magazine’s CHARTED section. There, I help conceptualize and execute visual stories from the pitch all the way to the finished page.

With my experience on both the editorial and design sides of data visualization, I can take your project on at whatever stage you need. If you’re interested in hiring me to design an infographic—whether it be a map, a sankey diagram, or something more creative—please send me an email at sara.chodosh.viz@gmail.com.

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